CertiChem has a highly respected staff of scientists with Ph.D and/or M.D. degrees. Bolstered by appropriate support personnel and an experienced management team, CertiChem is recognized as the leader in laboratory testing of polymers, raw materials, and consumer products for estrogenic activity.

George Bittner, Ph.D. - Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Dr. Bittner is a Professor of Biology (Neurobiology Section) with over 150 peer-reviewed publications in synaptic biophysics, electro physiology, cell/molecular biology, and biochemistry of nerve regeneration. He was elected an AAAS fellow in 1992 for his scientific contributions in these areas. Dr. Bittner has been, PI or CO-PI of over 30 NIH-R01, NSF, Texas Advanced Technology grants totaling more than $10 million in direct costs. Dr. Bittner's tenure as CEO or major stockholder includes Panda, Blue, Heron, EASi, CertiChem, and PlastiPure. Dr. Bittner did his undergraduate work in chemistry at Duke, attended medical and graduate school at Stanford, and worked at UCLA as a postdoctoral fellow.

Cathy Yang, MS, PhD, MD - Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Yang directed several research teams at Monsanto. She led CertiChem's research for Phase I and II grants to develop a robotic assay to detect estrogenic activity. Dr. Yang then led efforts to modify this assay for commercialization. She has over 20 peer-reviewed publications and a broad background in biology, from molecular biology through biochemistry, cell biology, systems physiology, anatomy, small animal surgery, and statistics. Dr. Yang received her medical degree from Hunan Medical University in China, and her Masters and PhD from the Institute Pasteur (Paris), France. She then worked for 4 years in Washington University in St. Louis, MO, as a postdoctoral fellow and directed research in cellular/molecular biology for Monsanto (St. Louis).

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