Cytotoxicity Tests

CellTiter-Fluor™ Cell Viability Assay

The CellTiter-Fluor™ cell viability assay is a nonlytic, single-reagent-addition fluorescence assay that measures the relative number of live cells in a culture population after experimental manipulation. The assay measures a conserved and constitutive protease activity within live cells and therefore serves as a marker of cell viability.

Neutral Red Uptake
Neutral Red Uptake cell toxicity screening detects the toxicity of chemicals. CertiChem's cytotoxicity assay procedure is based on teh ability of viable cells to incorporate and bind to neutral red (NR). NR is a weak cationic dye that readily penetrates cell membranes by non-ionic diffusion and accumulates introcellularly in lysosomes. Alterations of the cell membrane lead to lysosomal fragility and other irreversible changes.

Healthy mammalian cells, when maintained in culture, continuously divide and multiply over time. A toxic chemical will interfere with this process. The result is a direction reduction in growth rate as refelction by cell number. Cytotoxicity is expressed as a concentration dependent reduction of the fluorescence signal in CellTiter-Fluor™ cell viability assay or NR uptake after chemical exposure, thus providing a sensitive, integrated signal of both cell integrity and growth inhibition.

Cell Toxicity testing is strongly suggested, if In vitro tests reveal immediate cell reduction.

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