The mission of CertiChem, Inc. is to provide highly sensitive, very reliable in vitro CertiRobic™ assays for detecting hormonal activity at a reasonable cost. CertiChem also uses these tests to identify useful chemicals (such as food antioxidants) that contain no detectable estrogenic or androgenic activity.

The Issue of Endocrine Disruption

During the last decade, many products in common use (e.g. plastics, pesticides, cosmetics, food additives) have been reported to contain or release chemicals (termed endocrine disruptors) that affect hormonal functions. The most common form of such endocrine disruptor activity is estrogenic activity, which can cause significant adverse effects on many physiological and behavioral activities of mammals, including humans (NRC, 1999). In fetal, post-natal, and/or pre-pubertal mammals, very low concentrations (nanomolar to picomolar) of chemicals with estrogenic activity can alter rates of growth, time to sexual maturation, aggressive behaviors, learning abilities, sexual orientations, prostate and ovarian functions, and male sperm count.

Recent scientific articles and highlights
Summary of recent published research by CertiChem, its sister company PlastiPure, & other scientists on estrogenic activity in consumer products and materials.

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Through high quality standards and rigorous quality assurance programs, CertiChem provides CertiRobic™ assays: the most sensitive and most reliable tiered set of assays available to detect hormonal activity in various compounds.