CertiChem's mission is to provide at reasonable cost to firms in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food additives, plastics, baby products, animal feeds and human foodstuffs, highly sensitive, very reliable in vitro and in vivo assays for detecting hormonal activity. After testing a particular product, CertiChem expects its certification of estrogenic activity for that product will carry substantial scientific and commercial value. In expanding the variety of tests available to our clients, CertiChem continually focuses on developing tests for detecting hormonal activity in commercially sold products.

Process for working with vendors

CertiChem's in vitro and In vivo assays quickly and inexpensively determine the amount of estrogenic activity in many types of products. CertiChem provides consulting services and testing to assist vendors to alter their formulas or packaging.

Benefits of working with CertiChem:

  • Take advantage of CertiChem's scientific expertise to reduce or increase estrogenic or androgenic activities

  • Consult with CertiChem to alter product formulas or packaging materials to avoid costly loss of customers and shelf space

  • Through use of CertiChem's certification logo on packaging:
    - Maintain product leadership in consumer health and safety
    - Gain competitive advantage by marketing levels of estrogenic activity

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